Ministries We Offer
We all have seasons of joy in our lives, as well as moments of sadness, loneliness, and despair. Fortunately, God has placed people in our lives to help us during these difficult times, and to celebrate during times of joy! While Sunday mornings are a wonderful time to worship God and connect with one another, we are also here to support, encourage, share, and enjoy each other for all of life’s offerings.

We believe that Small Groups are an essential part of a church ministry! In reading the Bible, we can see that many groups met within their homes, ate together, and developed a strong sense of community. We encourage our Small Groups to be a warm and welcoming environment, where people get to connect with one another and get an opportunity to learn about Christ! One of the major goals of the Small Group setting is the give people an opportunity to learn about Christianity, and God’s love for us, without feeling intimidated in a “corporate” service setting (meaning, Sunday mornings).
Senior’s Ministry – “J.O.Y” (meaning “Just Older Youth”) Group plans monthly socials one Monday each month. The group usually meets in the late morning, goes out to lunch, and plans a special social activity depending on the season. Specific details of the activities will be announced as they become available.

Youth Ministry – Here are the Pentecostals of Dadeville we place a great emphasis on the youth and strive to offer them a place that they can not only be themselves and have a good time but a place to grow in their faith.

Men’s Ministry – Our goal here at the Pentecostals of Dadeville Men’s Ministry is to bring men together for the sole purpose of building a solid foundation based upon Scripture through prayer, Bible study, and discipleship.

Children’s Ministry – Children are not only the future Christian leaders but are precious in the sight of the Lord. We strive to offer them a place that provides them with an environment that blesses their spiritual, physical, and emotional selves.

Ladies’ Ministry – It is an exciting time here at the Pentecostals of Dadeville for our Ladies Ministry. We aim to provide ladies with a solid foundation of prayer, Bible study, and discipleship. Our goal is to provide ladies with relationships and opportunities to have a vibrant life in Christ.

Connect – This is a membership class that gives you the fundamentals of our beliefs.