Awesome free bible software Theopilos

Free temporary email (only lasts 10 minutes)

AVG AntiVirus Free

CCleaner awesome pc cleaning program

Speed test (internet)

Change the key to any song EASY

Apps for church communication:

Mailchimp– Send emails to all your church people at once or have lists. (Integrates with ChurchTrac beautifully)

Hootsuite– Easily schedule your social media tweets and facebook posts. (One of our favorites)

Slack– Really cool multi-platform communication app for your team that is better than sending text messages and emails.

Apps for church admin:

Open Office– A great free alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite.

Google– Google Docs and Google Drive are great for creating and storing your docs. (We do not recommend keeping sensitive data on Google per their Terms of Service).

Evernote– A better way to take notes and keep lists that are accessible on a computer, tablet, or a smartphone. A big favorite among pastors.

Apps for church media:

Gimp GNU– Image editor similar to Photoshop.

Inkscape– Vecor image program similar to Illustrator.

Ardour– Audio editing program that’s perfect for editing your sermons on either PC or Mac.

Anchor– Free and easy-to-use podcast hosting that’s perfect for getting your message out to the world.

OpenLP– Full fledged Church Worship Presentation Software that’s 100% free. If you’re using Powerpoint now, this app will blow your mind